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These are the products that I use regularly, and feel I can recommend with confidence. Some of these are affiliate links, meaning if you click through and decide to use the product, I get a reward.  

  • The current king of crypto in the USA. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that is ridiculously easy to use, and is the best starting point for people wanting to get in the game.
  • Has the most beautiful user interface in the crypto universe. It makes it easy to understand what purchases you are making and where the currency is being stored in your account. 

Coinbase has high fees. There are other, cheaper places to buy and sell crypto if that is what you are looking for. If you want ease of use, though, Coinbase is the place for you. 

  • Daily email service sharing insane deals on business products for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, and anyone who likes to use technology to become more efficient.
  • My secret weapon. Seriously. I have used the products I purchased through Appsumo deals on EVERY PROJECT I’v ever built.

There is no downside. It’s free. And you can cancel your subscription any time.

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